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Make Wellness Equitable ™

We are a national organization involved in public policy, promotion of public awareness, and business organization consulting services that educate, promote and connect wellness, fitness, health and personal development organizations and individual service providers within these businesses with people who most need their services to produce health and wellness through equitable access to these programs.

We believe in the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion to educate and organize business strategy, communications and service offerings for these organizations and individual service providers to benefit underserved communities and individuals.

We organize business meetings, perform business research, write online and offline communications and publicity, educational support in the field of health, namely, promoting technical and scientific investigation, research and experimentation in the field of scientific discovery through support of educational institutions and scientific organizations; conducting, arranging and organizing trade shows, trade fairs, trade conventions, and other public speaking opportunities in the field of wellness, fitness, personal development and heath care; promoting public awareness of social welfare and human rights; social advocacy in the field of health, wellness and personal development and promoting public awareness of best practices in wellness through public advocacy, mind body conferences and health fairs, workshops promoting equity in the fields of spiritual development, yoga, fitness, exercise, psychology, self-improvement products and services both live and in digital format.

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